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" Deathly doodles, scary scribblings, and frightful figures characterize this awesome design! It's a spooktacular ghost print Personalized Macbook Case with specters, pumpkins, mummies, and the Grim Reaper. Not just for Halloween, this is the perfect pattern for emos and goths to showcase their kooky style. "

Macbook Premium Case - Halloween

$59.99 - $69.99
Macbook Premium Case
Pattern *

Customer Reviews

Based on 1679 reviews
Charlie Fogg (Sydney, AU)

Nice quality

Johnny Romano (Queenstown, NZ)
Vista wooden case.

Lovely case! Unfortunately the message on the front was incorrectly spelt! This was a typo on my part! However it’s still a nice cover !

Saskia Nassalang (Brookfield, US)
Love it

Great case! Design looks great.

Ellen-Mary Shine (Perth, AU)
Abstract Oil painting

This is the second case I have bought from Vista Case. The cases are strong and durable. Easy to attach to the laptop. I was disappointed that the colours on the top were not as vibrant as shown on the website.

ASH (London, GB)

Excellent quality and value

Finding the right product(s) for your device can be a bit confusing, especially as newer models come out. Follow our guide below to locate your MacBook model.

By Model Number

You can use your MacBook's model number to locate the right product. On the surface of your MacBook, Close your MacBook and turn it over. The Model Number is on the underside of the Macbook , near the regulatory markings. In the first line of text, you will then locate the model identifier/number as seen in the photo below. 

# Options Model # Year Status
1 12" Macbook (2015-2019) A1534 A1534 2015 - 2019 Discontinued
2 13" Air (New Design) A1932,A2179 A1932,A2179 2018 - Current Current
3 13" Pro A1706,A1708,A1989,A2159 A1706
2016 - Current Current
4 15" Pro A1707,A1990 A1707
 2016 - Current Current
4 16" Pro A2141 A2141  2019 - Current Current
5 11" Air (2010-2015) A1465,A1370 A1370
 2010 - 2015 Discontinued
6 13" Air (2008-2017) A1466,A1369 A1237
 2008 - 2017 Discontinued
7 13" Pro Retina (2012-2015) A1425,A1502 A1425
 2012 - 2015 Discontinued
8 15" Pro Retina (2012-2015) A1398 A1398  2012 - 2015 Discontinued
9 13" Pro SuperDrive (2009–2011) A1278  2009 - 2011 Discontinued
10 15" Pro SuperDrive (2009–2011) A1286  2009 - 2011 Discontinued



Designed for protection and style, VistaCase's Macbook Cover is the ultimate slim-fit hardshell case for your MacBook. The precision-tooled case is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable to protect your computer from the unforeseen shocks of daily life. Anti-slip rubber feet provide grip on all types of surfaces, and elevate your MacBook to keep a steady flow of air circulating underneath your device. The case's micro-clip design allows for simple, snap-on installation and easy removal in seconds. This Macbook Cover is surface-treated with a specialized coating to offer supreme scratch resistance.

#1 best-selling protection:
Equip your laptop with the #1 best-selling hardshell case for all MacBook models.
Textured, matte finish:
Scratch-resistant finish provides comfortable grip and resists fingerprints and smudges.
On-the-go protection:
Form-fitting, matte hard shell keeps scuffs and scratches at bay.
Stay cool:
Rubberized anti-tilt feet and vent slots keep your MacBook from overheating.
Sleek design:
Ultra-thin and lightweight two-piece design is easy to snap on and off.
100% Polycarbonate
11" Air (2010-2015) - 7.2oz / 205g
12" Macbook (2015-2019) - 6.17oz / 175g
13" Air (2008-2017) - 9.84oz / 279g
13" Air (2018-2019) - 7.68oz / 218g
13" Pro (2016-2019) - 7.76oz / 220g
15" Pro (2016-2019) - 11.46oz / 325g
13" Pro (2012-2015) - 8.60oz / 244g
15" Pro (2012-2015) - 13.54oz / 384g


Ask a Question
  • Has this case damaged the hinges located on the back of the screen?

    The case doesn't impede the hinge in any way, the bottom shell of the case is almost 1cm back from the hinge so when the computer is open all the way there is still some 'breathing room' between the top & bottom of the case.

  • Is this case like rubberized or is it just a hard plastic?

    Hard plastic, and the fit is perfect. I love it.

  • does this case have a company logo anywhere? because i hate any logo on the case.

    Nope, the only logo is the one from the apple.

  • Do the brackets that hold the bottom case on create an uncomfortable/sharp edge below the trackpad? Other cases have felt rough against palms/wrist.

    I didn't even notice until you mentioned it! The plastic is smooth and minimal, but still holds the case on. It hasn't been an issue at all!

  • Is the bottom cover silicone or hard plastic?

    It is hard plastic.

  • Does the lid fold back past the 45 angle?

    It flips as much as your laptop does

  • does this case make your laptop heavier?

    No its very light weight, almost like a gel cover for your phone.

  • Does the case scratch the computer when you take it off/on?

    I was interested so popped mine off for the first time since attaching it. There wasn't a scratch to be found!

  • how do you clip the bottom part ?

    you have to hook it to the back part first and then it just clips in underneath.

  • does the Apple logo show through it?

    Yes it does. I have the space gray MacBook and space gray cover and it shows. It’s not fully opaque but you can see it.

  • What’s the difference between Crystal & Frost Clear?

    The difference is the look, the crystal is colored but more see through, the frost is more opaque.

  • Does this case make the macbook pro heavy?

    Not really. The slight increase in weight cannot really be perceived.

  • Can I just use the top part of it?

    Yes, you can use the top only.

  • Would the stickers on my laptop show through this case?

    If you want stickers to show then have a matte clear or crystal clear case. 

  • Which one of these colors is most clear? i have stickers on my macbook and i’d like to be able to still see them through the case.

    I'm guessing the clear, you can barley see the Apple logo in my 2017 MacBook and I have matte black.

  • Is this unit easy to use?

    Yes, very simple to attach to the MacBook. Just snaps on easy. Good fit.

  • does this cover show the apple logo?

    I got the matte pink, and the Apple logo shows through.

  • Is this case strong enough to protect the laptop?

    From dropping it probably not but from something small falling onto the top of it or a small spill maybe. I think it's mostly to protect against small dings and scratches.

  • How is the quality of it?

    The quality is very good. It’s thin, translucent ,and very durable.

  • What’s the difference between frost matte clear and crystal?

    Crystal looks as if there is no cover on it at all, clear as glass. Frost you can see through, but has a frost cast to it. I got the crystal one. I like being able to see the computer. It fits perfectly and was easy to put on. I like the smooth edge feel, as opposed to the sharper edges of my MacBook Pro. I love this cover!

  • Should the bottom case not cover the bottom corners under the hinder?

    That's correct. The bottom back corners are uncovered. Otherwise, you may not be able to open macbook cover 90 degrees.

  • Would I still be able to fit it in my laptop sleeve with the case on?

    Not sure since I don’t know the specs of your sleeve but the case is very slim/thin so unless your sleeve is super tight I’m guessing it will fit.

  • Does the case wear down over time?

    The case fits perfectly. Check if it is completely docked. Fit in from back to front. You will hear lile a "click".

  • This wouldn’t scratch my laptop during application, would it?

    Not at all. The cover only clasps the laptop on its edge not the screen and the plastic is softer than the aluminum body of the laptop.

  • does dust/dirt get under the edges of the clear case very easily? also, does it discolor over time?

    I didn’t have an issue with it discoloring at all. Dust will accumulate over time but it wasn’t noticeable until I took the cover off at which point it was easy to wipe down.

  • Does this case turn yellow over time like most clear phone cases?

    No. Not at all. The one I bought was pink and still looking great!

  • Is this case water repellent?

     It is made of hard plastic. so yes, it is.

  • With the black case do you see a lot of fingerprints?

    depending on how greasy your fingers are. If you keep your hands washed there will be minimal smudging. If not then yes.

  • With this case on, can the MacBook still fully open up (past a 90 degree angle) or does the case restrict this?

    Yes, you can open like without the case,  it opens approximately up to 125 degree. but you will not be able to use an USB adapter that connects directly into the port (without a cable).

  • How should i clean this case?

    I’d recommend just using a simple wet wipe or even a Lysol wipe. 

  • Does the Marsala red feel plasticy or has a runner feeling to it?

    It is more like a matt feel, not glossy or glassy at all. It looks very sleek and subtle.

  • Does the case provide a lot of protection?

    This case provides all the protection you need to keep your MacBook like new. I bought this for my 13 year son and after 6 months it still looks brand new and he’s not careful with his things. It had done a good job protecting his MacBook Air

  • Does this cover up the speakers or affect the sound quality when playing music?

    It doesn’t affect the sound at all.

  • Does this case add any weight to the Macbook?

    Not significant gain. Here is the specification.
    11" Air (2010-2015) - 7.2oz / 205g 12" Macbook (2015-2019) - 6.17oz / 175g 13" Air (2008-2017) - 9.84oz / 279g 13" Air (2018-2019) - 7.68oz / 218g 13" Pro (2016-2019) - 7.76oz / 220g 15" Pro (2016-2019) - 11.46oz / 325g 13" Pro (2012-2015) - 8.60oz / 244g 15" Pro (2012-2015) - 13.54oz / 384g

  • When I purchase a MacBook Case do I receive a bottom case?

    Yes. For the color case, the color of bottom part matchs with the front case. for the cases with pattern on it, the bottom part of the MacBook Cases is matte clear, we do not and will not print on the bottom case as this is where all the vent holes are to keep your mac from overheating.

  • What is the material and texture of the case?

    The Macbook case is hard plastic. Solid-colored and pattern cases have a matte or satin finish.

  • Can I print my own design?

    Yes. You're welcomed. Just send your artwork to us. 

  • Does the Apple Logo shine through clearly, or is it fuzzy and hard to see clearly?

    Transparency is different from color to color, Black or Pattern are nontransparent.

  • Is the clear color a frosted one or crystal one?

    We have both Frosted and Crystal clear.

  • Will your MacBook cases fit all MacBook models?

    No, due to different models and sizes, they are not compatible with the same case. You should double check your MacBook model before you purchase. To ensure that you are ordering the correct case, please check our Model Size Guide to ensure that your MacBook is included on our fit list.